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The Goal

Charities: Don't we all think it's worth contributing once in a while?

We personally contribute yearly to the World Wildlife Fund and also find that encouraging our local SPCA is also good practice. If we contribute internationally or locally, we all benefit from it.

Traveling: Who does not want to see the rest of the world?

Come on, admit it, you want to know how everyone else is doing in the rest of the world? Well, hopefully this site will have some nice information from great people from everywhere on the planet!

We all have something that we are proud of in our local neighbourhood: art, culture, architecture, parks, natural wonders, etc. You can also submit images of places you visited and want to share with us!

We all want to know who you are, where you are from and all this from REAL people!

Goal: We all have some big and small ones!

Well, we want to combine both together. By participating to this site in sending your photos and information, we will contribute (for the moment) $5.00 to either World Wildlife Fund or to the SPCA of your choice. We are not affiliated in any way with these organizations. We just believe in them. In order to attract visitors and submittals, we will pay you $2.00 for every original submittal we receive and deem acceptable to diffuse on our Web Site. If you do not want the $2.00 that you are entitled to, I will then add it to the donation! For the present time, we will only accept 5 submittals a month. Thanks for understanding!

All amounts are in Canadian funds. All transactions will be completed through PayPal as it is very secure and efficient.


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Zorro the Traveling CAT is not affiliated with any of the featured organisms and companies.