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                            The CAT that Travels and Donates!

If you contribute a photo of a place you have visited, we will donate $5.00 to either the World Wildlife Fund or the SPCA!

               Since December 10, 2007: Zorro has donated $373!

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                            David from Shawnee, Kansas, USA

                              You have to "click" on the Post Cards!

When you click on the Post Cards, you will find a larger photo, a Satellite Map of the area where the photo was taken and a link providing you with additional information relating to the photographed location!

Learn and Click away!

                       Amanda from College Station, Texas - USA

                                   In case you did not know...

                             Eric from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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                 Bruce from Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia

                                Regan from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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